Mold less Pate de verre
Fused glass powder,
Dimensions variable: shortest dimension 7 inches, longest dimension 20 inches

Mold less pate de verre Is a new sculpture making method based on the pate de verre technique. It uses very thin glass shells and interior scaffolding instead of exterior molds. My investigation is divided into two separate areas. The first is the technical development of the glass process and the second part is the integration and application of rapid prototyping on the computer to generate the structures that serve as the mold replacement material. The commonly used pate de verre technique involves molds that are internally packed with a glass paste before firing. This technique limits size and shape - deep areas are hard to reach and undercuts have to be avoided.
I felt the need to develop a sculpting method that would liberate me from molds in order to allow me to make more complex shapes. The results at this point a merely technical, rather than conceptual. It is a research project aimed to extend the usability of glass away from the vessel towards sculptures that are not limited by technicalities. The project is to be finished until summer 2017.