Methylcellulose, Acrylic Polymer medium, Ox gall, Glass enamels, white painted wooden mounting, each 76 x 24 x 4 cm

The ideas to this piece originates from my interest in how traditions and old craft technologies are influencing our modern life. Old trades and knowledge can be lost over time as a once valued and necessary craft has lost its importance due to progress and our constant need to improve. This again relates to the question what value is and how it is defined. In my work I hope to address those questions and raise awareness of how important it is to remember and preserve our heritage. Marbled paper is an ancient technique originated in Asia. It spread throughout Arabia and Europe and developed into an exclusive craft that produced unique monotypes for bookbinding and covers. With the industrial revolution it has lost its value and market. The craft of marbling however has to be learned and practiced to acquire the skills. Marbled paper was essentially a raw material. By transforming it onto another material I have tried to liberate it from its purpose to give it an individual identity on its own. It has transformed from being a material into an object. Which interestingly describes the question what purpose functional  items have once they have lost its intended use and how you can re-cycle it into a new value and function. Essentially this piece is a reinterpretation of non glass related technique with my skills of a glass maker.

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