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From Eye to Ear

Natural body fat and skin cream, fired onto sheet glass, Metal holders, Electronic components, Florescent light,
Video ( 03:01 min), Sound

I have moved away from Germany 7 year ago which has led to that all my relationships have become virtual. I appear as a blurry video portrait in Skype or as an Arial type face e-Mail in a mailbox. I am reduced to a Fragment of myself, where words are as closest I can get to anyone.
The idea to it came when I found ca. 4000 Images of me taken by my family during Skype calls. I realized that they only see a portrait of me.
I have used the ability of glass to fire fat onto it, to create a self-portrait, that expresses my personal self-perception in critical relationship to our modern technologised society, which is seemingly becoming more and more unable to deal with personal relationships on both an emotional and physical basis. With this narrative related work I hope to address questions about the technologisation of our society and the with it connected estrangement from each other. In the conflict to sustain relationships that would be impossible otherwise..