tempered glass, fiberglass, epoxy resin
3.6 x 2.1 m

I first developed the process for this piece in 2011, producing a sculpture now permanently installed in the entrance of Bornholm’s regional hospital. It uses glass in combination with materials developed for the flight and boat making industry.
The piece for the exhibition picks up on the specific properties of this process.
It consists of eight sheets of tempered glass in different pre- defined sizes (rejects from orders, which can‘t be reused after tempering), donated to me by Thiele Glas of Radeberg, near Dresden. The tempering process makes the glass impossible to cut or grind and makes it fracture into small squares. After laminating, the broken glass turns into a textile like material that gives the illusion of softness and flexibility, until the applied resin hardens. The shapes made respond to the production process and forms made possible by the material’s changing properties. The piece aims to catch this moment of transformation, and the composition of he elements is intended to enhance the effect of fluidity and aliveness.