Domestic Wildlife

Found wild flowers with nutritious and/or food value, picked from abandoned lots and uncared-for streets in the poor neighborhood of West-Oakland, pressed into glass powder, fused to a sheet, stainless steel mounting, vinyl text, silicone, plant identification cards
dimensions variable: min. 12 inch x max. 24 inches
the entire piece takes up a floor space of approx. 20ft in length and 2ft in depth

In city landscapes which we abandon or don’t care for nature takes over and creates gardens much richer than the parks and recreational areas humans create. This piece is a visual library of the botanic wealth in poor areas. In each piece collected plants are pressed into a special glass powder that is ultrafine and preserves fine details. The fused “prints” are mounted as if on a display at a natural history museum, and each plant print is accompanied with a description of its medicinal use and food value. On the wall are photographs from the collection sites in West Oakland.