Core No 1-6

Cut, stacked, fused boro silicate glass, cut and polished
Size: variable, minimum 10 x 8 inches
Photo credit: Nathan J. Schaulis
I focused on a group of pieces during my residency at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, evolving around a particular aspect of glass. When glass is exposed to extensive heat work the surface will start to crystalize and turn into silica. This process is called devitrification. Although it is highly avoided I have sought to integrate it as the central aesthetical aspect of the pieces. The devitrified surface of clear glass is visible as a white film. The core of the glass will stay clear. For the pieces I made, I fused cut up sections of boro silicate tubes glass into panels. Each tube devitrifies in this process on the outside and creates intricate patterned panels. Those pieces continue my interest in using the materials undervalued properties, which can be transformed in desirable secret aspects that show the material from a different, unexpected perspective. In a conceptual sense I hope to address the issue of how we tend to ignore unwanted or unpleasant aspects of our lives, but how they can, resolved in some form help us to be transformed into something pleasant and enjoyable.