whitetransparent black


Circular Motion

Free blown partially collapsed, cut & sandblasted glass,
Variable dimensions ca. 45cm Ø

The collapsing of the bubble is the ultimate endpoint of a craftsman's working process. It was for this piece the starting point of my aesthetic and formal investigation, using failure as the base for the pieces expression.
The first bubble I've ever blown collapsed within a second. As a glass blower you learn how to use and portion force and movement. With time it happens less and less. For this process I had to learn how to do things intentionally wrong so they become right. Turning a technical failure into an intentional achieved effect did make it become an own technique with its working methods. It changed from being a technical failure into a difficult technical process.
I took it out of the traditional working process and ended up in the middle of it in the end...discribing a circular motion.